MyEarth – An App to Measure your Carbon Footprint

MyEarth – An App to Measure your Carbon Footprint

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Now here is a new app that really is useful. It is developed by Nancy Wong, a consumer science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This app can help users track their daily activities in terms of their energy consumption and help them assess the impact of these activities. The app is aptly named ‘MyEarth – Track Your Carbon Savings’ and launched just two days ahead of the Earth Day, which is celebrated on 22nd April each year.

Measuring carbon usage made easy

The app works with five categories – recycling, food, electricity, travel and usage. The different categories were incorporated in the app to streamline the energy consumption assessment and to also enable users to track their carbon footprint as per their specific needs. It is possible to track energy consumption in any one or more categories. Each category can be used to measure simple tasks such as recycling a glass bottle to complicated ones like using energy-efficient wastewater treatments.

The app is in the format of a daily diary. It allows users to check activities on a daily basis and then measure the energy saved. This saved carbon is accumulated, which lets users see their energy-saving efforts in a tangible format.

For the love of polar bear

The developers came up with a really cool idea to help users see the impact of their carbon savings. They have used a polar bear that is clinging to a small piece of iceberg. The size of the iceberg increases depending on the energy saved. The size can increase enabling the bear to sit on the iceberg. Then it can be joined by another bear and then eventually a bear family. The idea is simple. The more we conserve energy, reduce our carbon footprint, the more we can do to slow global warming and protect our animals.

The app is available for free for users of Android and iOS devices. This app is a marvelous effort that bridges the gap between what needs to be done to save the environment and our planet and the easy steps that can be taken to achieve the same. Often the understanding of carbon footprint and specifics is not possible when the terminology is specific. This often results in non-action as there is no real understanding of how to minimize the carbon footprint in everyday life. Here is hoping that this app reduces this gap that exists in terms of carbon footprint problems and their solutions.