PC Players left out as Mortal Kombat XL And Kombat Pack 2...

PC Players left out as Mortal Kombat XL And Kombat Pack 2 Will Be Available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only


Mortal Kombat XLIn a news that might not go down well with PC users, the Mortal Kombat X’s upcoming Kombat Pack 2, which introduces four new characters to the fighting game will only be made available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only. This much was made known on Wednesday by a representative of NetherRealm.

“Mortal Kombat XL and Kombat Pack 2 will available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only,” NetherRealm community manager Tyler Landsdown said in the TestYourMight forums.

The first, which was released for PC featured Kombat Pack as well as Xbox One and PS4, in 2014, and introduced Jason Voorhees, Predator, Tanya, and Tremor. It is not immediately known if NetherRealm will not be providing support for the PC edition with further content.

This development won’t come as a surprise to game watchers as This NetherRealm did not support one version of a multiplatform game with DLC.

The Mortal Kombat XL Edition is due for launch on March 1 for both PS4 and Xbox One, and will include all of the DLC characters and skins from Kombat Pack 1. It is also expected to feature Kombat Pack 2 characters Leatherface, Xenomorph, Bo Rai Cho, and Tri-Borg.

Mortal Kombat X was launched in April 2015 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, with reports claiming it sold more than 5 million copies. The game’s Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions were however cancelled.

In a related development, NetherRealm recently made known its plans to finally update the netcode supporting the Mortal Kombat’s online play. Since launch, the netcode being used has frequently been a bone of contention in the community; often causing a lag, which makes online play unrealistic; a situation largely unacceptable for one of the genre’s major franchises.

It is not clear whether this update would also be applied to the PC version, but given the apparent lack of content support, chances do not look good.

Excluding the PC versions from the upcoming release won’t go down well with its horror fans who were already upbeat about the upcoming addition of the Xenomorph from Alien and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, this is not the first time NetherRealm is towing the same line as it had incurred the wrath of its fan base over PC versions of their AAA console games. In 2015, it suspended the PC sales of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight because the port was so glitch that it was unplayable.

The news about the company’s decision not to make it available to PC was made available after many fans at the Test Your Might fan forums asked to be kept abreast of NetherRealm’s future plans.

As at the time of writing this, no information has been made available on what the price would be. The release is usually followed on the internet with a passionate fanbase. NetherRealm revealed the new game on Wednesday with a new trailer, which showed of every character added to the game so far.