Nintendo Suspends Quality Of Life ( QOL ) Program

Nintendo Suspends Quality Of Life ( QOL ) Program


Nintendo has decided to put its “Quality of Life” (QOL) program on hold, as its much awaited sleep tracker is now facing an indefinite delay.

This much was disclosed by Nintendo’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Tatsumi Kimishima. The Nintendo chief was talking to investors after the earnings release this week. Kimishima clarified Nintendo’s position by saying that the company will release the sleep-tracking device as soon as it becomes a polished product; he however, adds that this will take much longer to happen.

“We do not have the conviction that the sleep-and-fatigue-themed [device] can enter the phase of actually becoming a product,” Wired translated the statement, per Tech Times.

The sleep-tracking device, which was scheduled to be released and hit the shelves next month (March to be precise), is now hanging in the balance as no further information has been made available to the press as at this time. It was designed to detect and collect the sleep pattern of its users, as well as physical data such as temperature and pulse rate.

Kimishima also added that the company still has a word to say in the lifestyle and health sector, and work on the QOL initiative will not be hindered as it is ongoing.

For readers who have been following the story, you will recall that the sleep-tracker is similar to the notorious Vitality Sensor. The company announced it at E3 2009, only to have the late former Chief of the company of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata pulled the plug on the gadget as a result of what unreliable functionality.

In order to develop the sleep-tracking device, the company teamed up with Resmet, an enterprise that boasts of several years of venture experience in marketing sleep-tracking devices.

A possible cause of the delay, reports Tech Times, is that Nintendo might not have the capacity to deal with more projects at this time. Nintendo is working hard to get its bearing right after the Wii U meltdown and the plunging sales if the 3DS.

However, Nintendo has announced that it plans to release a few smartphone games, alongside an exciting new handheld device, which has been codenamed NX.

During the start of 2016, an interesting bit of information leaked to the press hinting that the gaming gadget could offer support compatibility with more than one ecosystem. It however, remains to be seen whether or not the Nintendo NX will play nice with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC; nevertheless, it is a brilliant idea.

Besides, Nintendo is also working on a new online service, which has been dubbed My Nintendo. This new online service is expected to replace the existing company’s Club Nintendo rewards program. My Nintendo is also expected to offer new features such as friend management, cloud data services and many more. The company hopes to see over 100 million users sign up for the service when it is fully functional.

You can watch this space as we will be bringing you more news and updates on Nintendo’s releases.